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Cassette panel roll forming systems

Manufacture of high-quality cassette panels

Cassette panels are used for sound insulation and for high fire resistance classes. Painted coils equipped with protective foil are processed. The high-performance cassette panel roll forming plants from Hennecke GmbH Roll Forming Technology are characterised by their extremely high rigidity. This gives our customers the security of being able to work with the lowest tolerances. Our high-performance cassette panel roll forming plants are highly precise and have an excellent level of repetition accuracy. The high production speed in combination with short set-up times ensures optimum plant efficiency. State-of-the-art control technology and high-quality hydraulic components ensure that everyday production runs smoothly.

Depending on the layout of the plant, the following primary materials can be used:

  • Coated and painted primary material
  • High-strength primary material grades
  • Primary material with protective foil

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