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CORIUM benefits from high demand for homogeneous PUR products

When it comes to manufacturing spray skins, PUR-CSM technology (Polyurethane Composite Spray Moulding) fulfils the highest requirements in terms of processing possibilities and specific processing quality. Word has reached beyond Europe now that the process stands for efficiency, reliability and continuous further development. CORIUM is the first Canadian company to opt for PUR-CSM in the manufacture of high-quality end products for the automotive, outdoor and maritime industries. A doubling of the production and the forthcoming creation of new production capacities illustrates the success of the homogeneous polyurethane-based product range.

CORIUM is of Latin origin and translated roughly it means “tough skin”. An appropriate name for the Canadian start-up company that has specialized in the manufacture of high-quality polyurethane-based surfaces since it was founded in 2005. The CORIUM product range stands out thanks to a variety of innovative and practice-oriented applications. Apart from waterresistant seating and other flexible foam components it also comprises complex parts for car interiors and decorative elements for meeting high standards with regard to the look and feel of products and their durability. Outside of the automotive sector, the company is now considered one of the most important independent suppliers of PUR parts on the whole North American market. Its main business area is the substitution of products that until now were made with other process technology. The spray skin experts just recently won a National Marine Manufacturers Association innovation award in the “Furnishings and Interior Parts Category”.

In spring 2010, CORIUM invested in a PUR-CSM processing plant with separate metering lines for spray skins and moulded foam applications. The tailor-made production system offers superior product quality in spray skin applications with and without direct backfoaming, and has all the USPs Seite 2 von 2 of CSM technology. For example, the shots can be interrupted at any time during the spray coating process. Depending on the application this can lead to material savings of over ten percent. Moreover, the system can also process high-viscosity components for particularly durable spray skins without any problem, doing credit to the company name.

For CORIUM’s president and founder George Magirescu, the decisive added value is the sum of advantages that arises when PUR-CSM technology is used: "It was immediately clear to us that this technology would solve all sorts of problems in many areas – both for the producers as well as for the users. We don’t mean only regarding look and feel but especially the functional optimization. Think about boat building for instance where certain needs clash. For example water, UV and mold resistance as well as extreme durability for a long time. PUR-CSM enables us to manufacture a product, which is pleasing to the eye because the Hennecke technology - in contrast to traditional production methods - gives us complete freedom regarding design. Moreover, it is considerably easier to recycle at the end of its life cycle thanks to the homogeneous PUR solution. But Magirescu does not attribute the decision to choose German machine technology merely to technical competence: "The Hennecke team in Pittsburgh convinced us throughout all the project phases with their experience of the market and wide-ranging knowledge of PUR-CSM technology." You can find out more about CORIUM by going to www.corium-ut.com.